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KISS: Metal-Rock de Derechas



El nombre de Gene Simmons no os dirá demasiado. Y puede que su verdadera cara tampoco. Pero si lo veis con el maquillaje de guerra está claro que todos lo identificamos como su faceta más conocida: el líder del grupo de  heavy metal Kiss; una de las formaciones míticas de los años 70 y  80 con todos los condimentos del género: música potente, largas  melenas, ropa de cuero, lenguas fuera, chicas sexys, letras  provocadoras e iconoclastas, etc. Pues bien, Gene Simmons, que  está felizmente casado y tiene 2 hijos con la playmate ShannonTweed, ha sido además profesor de primaria, habla 5 idiomas, es productor, escritor, y uno de los principales vocales del liberalismo dentro del partido republicano, al que ha apoyado en repetidas ocasiones. No os perdais los enlaces ni su propia página web.  

 http://www.answers.com/topic/gene-simmons He is classified as a Libertarian Republican.

  economist perspective, but rather more "meat and The book is totally libertarian; not from an ivory tower  potatoes libertarianism." Simmons is the ultimate Ayn Rand individualist. He is a capitalist to his very core.  http://www.genesimmons.com/news/112003.html


"When you walk through a bad neighborhood, you don’t  want a poodle by your side. You want a Rottweiler." on why he was voting for Bush in 2004.



Gene is better known as the lead singer for the rock band Kiss than for his previous career as an elementary school teacher. Few people also know that Gene speaks five languages and does not smoke, drink, or use drugs. "If you don’t have the guts to stand up to injustice, where ever it exists (and that means stopping the Germans, the Japanese and  the Italians in WW I and WW II … or the Albanian Serbs in Bosnia   … or the tragedies that keep on occurring in Africa … or even the Viet Nam War … Panama … North Korea … the list goes on and on) … One thing in common with all these events: America. America didn’t stay and ‘conquer’ any of these countries." "(I’m) ashamed to be surrounded by people calling themselves Liberal who are, in my opinion, spitting on the graves of brave American soldiers who gave their life to fight a war that wasn’t theirs … in a country they’ve never been to … simply to liberate the people therein."     


Después de hablar del punk-rock de derechas de The Ramones, ahora le ha tocado el turno al Metal-Rock de derechas de Kiss, y más esterotipos que caen por su propio peso.

Thanks to: http://gentecontracorriente.blogspot.com  

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